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Welcome to Prime Martial Arts

Martial Arts Self Defence classes in Tunbridge Wells Kent & Sussex we offer a  Multi-Style Martial Arts Self Defence System. Utilising all that is good in Martial Arts styles around today into Easy-To-Learn and Effective Systems. All our styles are modern and healthy, based on principles of sports science, Removing traditional lockouts, awkward stances & rigid movements.

Suitable for everyone – Men, women and children of ALL ages and fitness are welcome.

MMA Fitcamp
MMA Fitness workouts is the ULTIMATE WORKOUT. There is no better way to get toned than with MMA Fitness workouts.
Freestyle Martial Arts for Kids
Do you want to increase your child’s confidence, self-esteem, or their physical activity levels?
Freestyle Martial Arts for Teens
Our Teen classes is a great way for your teenager to learn the self confidence they need to say NO to negative peer groups.
Freestyle Martial Arts for Family and Adults
Our Family/Adult classes offers Practical and easy to learn Self Defence. a great way to get fit whilst learning a simple self defence.


If its self defence, fitness or both you're after then take advantage of our try before you buy policy. To see if our courses can benefit you contact Ray on 07789012812 or select the BOOK NOW to arrange a trial lesson.


  • Samurai Sam Club

    Samurai Sam Club. Is a club just for Kids (5-7/8 year olds) where they can be active in a Fun, Safe & Rewarding environment.  Classes are a basic introduction to Martial Arts and focus on Fun & Fitness where children can gain key life skills through various different drills, games and exercises.
  • Juniors 7-11 Year olds

    At our schools your child will participate in an exciting range of age-appropriate drills & exercises that improves balance, co-ordination and fitness. Your child will learn about goal setting, showing respect and helping fellow students at Prime Martial Arts.
  • Teens 12-16

    From the age of 12, students are taught in our teenager classes. The syllabus at this is level is broader than that of younger students & the standard is higher. This reflects their ability to focus on the techniques and skills being taught. Our classes are highly motivational and enjoyable.
  • Kickboxing

    At Prime Martial Arts we provide a non-competitive and non-contact style of Kickboxing that combines Martial Arts, cardiovascular and resistance training. This full body workout can improve strength, endurance, flexibility, balance & co-ordination. It’s a fun & safe way to improve & maintain fitness for children, teens and adults of all ages with no previous experience required.
  • Holiday Courses

    Here at Prime Martial Arts Freestyle Schools we aim to ensure that Martial Arts is enjoyable for all and we invite children (aged 5 – 14) to join our exciting holiday courses. Whether you’re new to Martial Arts or an existing student, these courses offer the opportunity to train in a great Martial Arts Style, have fun, make new friends & learn self-defence.

What our clients think…

  • My two sons aged 14 and 8 really enjoy the Freestyle Martial Arts classes. The classes are fun but disciplined and are taught in a friendly inclusive manner. They have learnt valuable self defence skills, become fitter and have grown in confidence.
    Andrey K
    Valuable Self Defence Skills
  • I am so pleased to have found prime martial arts for my son. He has a lot of confidence issues and struggles to deal with his emotions in an appropriate manner, but in a few short months that he has been attending classes he is like a different child. He seems more confident and relaxed and laughs and smiles more. I can't thank ray and charlie enough for offering this wonderful affordable activity. It is certainly helping my son.
    Laughs and smiles