Prime Martial Arts


Our classes are great for teens to channel energy in a positive manner and learn practical life skills as they mature into young adults. Students can always expect an engaging energetic class, learning simple self defence skills all the while increasing their overall fitness, strength and endurance.


Promising Students are also given the opportunity to step up & join the Instructor team as Assistant Instructors, earning a dedicated uniform & certificate becoming a very important part of our team.

  1. Boost Fitness levels
  2. Improve physical Strength, Endurance & Flexibility
  3. Respect & Discipline
  4. Defusing Bullies & Negative Peer groups
  5. Increase self awareness and awareness of surroundings
  6. Build confidence & self-esteem
  7. Goal setting & sense of achievement
  8. Learn Practical Self-Defence skills & danger avoidance tactics
  9. Build Leadership skills
  10. Improve in other areas of life including academic & social as they mature into young Adults
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